Volume 25, Number  1,  Jun 2008

Review Article
1 Bird Flu, the Hanging Pandemic Threat for Human - It?s Risk Assessment and Containment 
  M Anwar Hossain*, M Intakhar Ahmad and M Manjurul Karim 
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Original Articles
9 Citric Acid Production by Aspergillus niger through Solid-State Fermentation on Sugarcane Bagasse 
  Abdullah-Al-Mahin1, Shek Mehdi Hasan2, Mahboob Hossain Khan2 and Rehana Begum1* 
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13 Black Quarter (BQ) Disease in Cattle and Diagnosis of BQ Septicaemia Based on Gross Lesions and Microscopic Examination 
  Mahmuda Sultana1, Abdul Ahad1*, Paritosh Kumar Biswas1, M Ashiqur Rahman2 and Himel Barua1 
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17 Microbiological Profile of the Traditionally Collected Industrial Raw Milk from the Milk Pocket Zones of Bangladesh 
  Gouranga C Chanda1, Gazi M Noor Uddin2, Aparna Deb3, Tahmina Bilkis2, Sharmin Chowdhury4 and M Basir Uddin5 
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21 Assessment of Microbial Biomass Carbon and Nitrogen in Some Tea Soils of Bangladesh 
  SM Abdur Rahman and ARM Solaiman 
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26 Role of Chitin for Harbouring of Toxigenic Vibrio cholerae O1 El Tor in Aquatic Environment 
  M Mahmud Hasan1, Sucharit Basu Neogi2, Iqbal Kabir Jahid2, M Sirajul Islam2 and Anwara Begum3* 
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31 Evaluation of Antibody Production against Newcastle Disease Virus after Immunization with Different Vaccines in Fayoumi Chicks 
  Shama Ranjan Barua1, M Mansurul Amin2, Shaiful Islam3*, Sukanta Chowdhury4, M Shafiqul Islam Khan5 and M Ali Asgar5 
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36 PhoP-PhoQ Two-Component System Required for Colonization Leading to Virulence of Dickeya dadantii 3937 in planta 
  M Manjurul Haque1*, Kamrun Nahar2, M Abdur Rahim1, Isidore Gomes1 and Shinji Tsuyumu3 
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41 Isolation and Identification of Phenol and Monochlorophenols-Degrading Bacteria: Pseudomonas and Aeromonas Species 
  Sadia Afrin Jame1, AKM Rashidul Alam1, M Khorshed Alam2 and ANM Fakhruddin1* 
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45 Characterization of Some Rhizobium Isolates and Their Effectiveness on Pea 
  M Solaiman Talukder1, ARM Solaiman1*, Delowara Khanam2 and M Golam Rabbani1 
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49 Natural Transformation of Plasmid DNA in Escherichia coli in Sterilized Soil Column 
  M Mahabub-Uz-Zaman* and Zia Uddin Ahmed 
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53 Maternally-Derived Antibody and Seroconversion to Infectious Bronchitis Virus in Chicken 
  Narayan Chandra Paul1, M Shahidur Rahman Kahn1*, Shaiful Islam2, AHM Taslima Akhter1 and Niraj Kanti Shil3 
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57 Persistence of Maternally-Derived Antibody in Selected Group of Chicks to Fowl Pox Virus 
  AHM Taslima Akhter1, M Shahidur Rahman Khan1*,Narayan Chandra Paul1, Abdul Kafi1, Niraj Kanti Shil2 and Mahbubul Pratik Siddique 
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60 Sulfonamide Resistance in Chicken Coccidiosis: A Clinico-Pathological Study 
  AMAM Zonaed Siddiki1*, M Jahurul Karim1 and Emdadul Haque Chawdhury2 
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65 Prevalence and Genotyping of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) in Female with High-Risk Behaviour in Dhaka, Bangladesh 
  Tahmina Sultana1, Mohsina Huq2, Anadil Alam2, Dipak Kumar Mitra2 and Donald James Gomes1* 
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69 Impact of Seasonal Variation on Bacteriological Quality of Drinking Water 
  Abdul Hussain Shar, Yasmeen Faiz Kazi and Irshad Hussain Soomro 
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Short Communications
73  Assessment of Bacteriological Quality of Fast Foods and Soft Drinks in Relation to Safety and Hygiene 
  Jafor Ahmed1, M Lokman Hossain1, M Abdul Malek2 and Fauzia Begum1 
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76  Partial Characterization of Extracellular ?-Amylase from Three Bacillus Isolates 
  Arifa Nusrat and Sabita Rezwana Rahman* 
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79  Role of L-Glutamate in the Tolerance of Osmotic Stress by Escherichia coli 
  M Shariful Islam and Sunjukta Ahsan* 
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82  Antibacterial and Cytotoxic Activity of Longiverbenone Isolated from the Rhizome of Cyperus scariosu 
  M Shafiqur Rahman* and M Nural Anwar 
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