Volume 34, Number  2,  Dec 2017

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Original Articles
47 Quantitative Analysis of Gene Expression During Calcium Homeostasis in E. coli  
  Muhammad Arif1 and Louis S Tisa1 
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55 Antibacterial Properties of Essential Oil (EO) Extracted from Nigella sativa Linn. (Black cumin) and its Application Against Vibrio cholerae in Ground Chicken Meat 
  Sharmina Deloer1, M.L. Bari2, and Md. Mahfuzul Hoque1 
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61 Resistance to Azithromycin and ββ ββ β-Lactam Antibiotics by Clinical Isolates of E. coli Isolated from Dhaka, Bangladesh 
  Sunjukta Ahsan1*, Mayen Uddin1, Juthika Mandal1 and Marufa Zerin Akhter1 
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67 Molecular Characterization of Enterobacter and Escherichia coli Pathotypes Prevalent in the Popular Street Foods of Dhaka City and their Multidrug Resistance 
  Md. Belal Hossain1, Nur Dhakirah Binti Mahbub1, Md. Miraj Kobad Chowdhury2, Md. Mizanur Rahaman1*, 
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73 Effect of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi on Germination, Nodulation and Sporulation of Lentil (Lens culinaris) at Different NaCl Levels 
  M Rahman1*, ME Ali2, F Alam3, MB Banu4, MFA Anik5 and MAH Bhuiyan6 
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83 Occurrence of Multidrug Resistant Salmonella spp. in Poultry and Approach for Its Indigenous Bio-control 
  Farzana Ehetasum Hossain1*, Sharmin Akther1, Atqiya Fahmida Tajalli1 
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91 Antibacterial Activity of Cinnamaldehyde and Carvacrol against Foodborne Pathogens and Spoilage Bacteria 
  Shikha Rani Saha1, M.L. Bari2, Y. Inatsu3, S. Kawampto3, and Md. Mahfuzul Hoque1 
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97 Genetic Relatedness among Escherichia coli Isolated from Clinical Samples 
  Sunjukta Ahsan1*, Ruhul Amin1, and Anindita Bhowmik1 
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103 Microbiological Analysis of Poultry Feeds Along with the Demonstration of the Antibiotic Susceptibility of the Isolates and the Antibacterial Activity of the Feeds 
  Chanda Rani Roy1, Tasnia Ahmed1, Md. Aftab uddin1* 
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109 Biocontrol of Foot and Root Rot Disease of Grasspea (Lathyrus sativus) by Dual Inoculation with Rhizobium and Arbuscular Mycorrhiza  
  M Rahman1*, ME Ali2, F Alam3, MB Banu4, MI Faruk5 and MAH Bhuiyan6 
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119 In Vitro demonstration of Pseudomonas Growth and Phenotypic Examinations of the Cells Under Cold Shock 
  Anika Bushra Moumita1, Nafisa Tabassum1, Ifra Tun Nur1 
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Short Communications
125  In-Vitro Antibacterial Properties of Ethanol and Methanol Extracts of Betel Leaves Collected from Different Areas of Bangladesh 
  Md. Sahadat Hossain1, Kamal Kanta Das1, Mrityunjoy Acharjee1* 
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