Volume 24, Number  1,  Jun 2007

Review Article
1 Clostridium perfringens: Sporulation, Spore Resistance and Germination 
  I-Hsiu Huang, Deepa Raju, Daniel Paredes-Sabja and Mahfuzur R Sarker* 
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Original Articles
9 Performance of Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Inoculated Acacia mangium Seedlings on Degraded Land with Different Rates of Phosphorus 
  M Abdus Satter1*, M Musa Hanafi2, Tenku MM Mahmud2 and Hashim Azizah2 
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19 Multiple-Antibiotic Resistance Mediated by Plasmids and Integrons in Uropathogenic Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae 
  Taslima Taher Lina, Sabita Rezwana Rahman and Donald James Gomes* 
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24 Detection, Antimicrobial Susceptibility and Serotyping of Streptococcus pneumoniae from Cerebrospinal Fluid Specimens from Suspected Meningitis Patients 
  M Rabiul Alam1, Samir Kumar Saha2, Tania Nasreen3, Farzana Latif1, Sabita Rezwana Rahman1 and Donald James Gomes1* 
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30 Effect of Azospirillum Inoculation on Growth and Yield of Lentil 
  M Motiur Rahman1, Sanzida Mubassara1, Sirajul Hoque2 and Zahed UM Khan1* 
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34 Assessment of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Association in Some Fruit Plants in Bangladesh 
  Delowara Khanam* 
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38 In vivo Production of Soluble Inorganic Pyrophosphatases in Two Strains of Vibrio cholerae 
  Taslima Taher Lina and Mohammad Ilias* 
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42 Evaluation of Multiplex PCR System for Simultaneous Detection of Escherichia coli O157:H7, Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella enteritidis in Shrimp Samples 
  Mahmuda Yasmin1*, Susumu Kawasaki2 and Shinichi Kawamoto2 
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47 A Longitudinal Study to Identify the Causes of Mortality in Fayoumi and Rhode Island Red Chickens and the Immune Status of the Birds against Newcastle Disease 
  Suman Das Gupta1, Paritosh Kumar Biswas1*, M Nural Anwar2, Bhobesh Chandra Dey3 and Nitish Chandra Debnath1 
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52 Optimization of Medium Ingredients for Keratinolytic Protease Production by Bacillus licheniformis MZK-03 using Statistical Experimental Designs 
  Mohammad Moniruzzaman, Alamgir Rahman and M Mozammel Hoq* 
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57 Production and Characterization of Keratinolytic Protease of Bacillus licheniformis MZK-03 Grown on Feather Mill 
  Debasish Paul, Alamgir Rahman, Mohammad Ilias and M Mozammel Hoq* 
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Short Communications
62  Impacts of Mycoplasma gallisepticum Vaccine on Newcastle Disease Vaccination and Protection in Parent Stock Flocks 
  M Rayhan Faruque1* and Jens P Christensen2 
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65  Isolation and Identification of Indigenous Bakers? Yeast 
  Nasrin Jahan, Nafisa Azmuda and Anisur Rahman Khan* 
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67  Microbiological Analysis of Some Raw Fish Samples 
  Monika Das1, Fauzia Hafiz2*, M Kawser Ahmed1 and Sahana Parveen2 
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70  Effect of Nutrients and Cellobiose Octaacetate on Cellulolytic Enzyme Productions by Streptomyces albolongus 
  Sanjit Kumar Das, M Zobaidul Alam, M Abul Manchur and M Nural Anwar* 
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73  Antimicrobial Activity of Crude Extract Obtained from the Root of Plumbago zeylanica 
  M Shafiqur Rahman and M Nural Anwar* 
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76  Antifungal Activity of Forty Higher Plants against Phytopathogenic Fungi 
  Jaripa Begum1, Mohammad Yusuf1, Jashim Uddin Chowdhury1, Saifulla Khan1 and M Nural Anwar2* 
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79  Isolation of Keratinophilic Fungi from Soil in Khairpur City, Sindh, Pakistan 
  Irshad Hussain Soomro*, Yasmeen Faiz Kazi, Miandad Zardari and Abdul Hussain Shar 
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